Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Learn To Draw Comics (part 2 of 2)
Have Some Characters

You should also be equipped with a character line up. Have a main character and a couple of supporting characters. Map out the personality of each. Create their profiles, so that they could be unique from each other, yet you have had determined a working relationship for all of them. You do not really have to create a long list of characters. Just be ready with your main and a couple of staple characters. You can always add a new character to the gang in the future once you have a new idea for it.

Now, practice drawing your characters. Draw them in different kinds of facial expressions and actions.

Find A Setting

You should also decide on a specific setting. Would it be during the Jurassic age ala Flintstones? Would you want it to be in a high school, just like Archie? Do you want to have your own imaginary city like Gotham city in the Batman comics? It all depends on your imagination. Once you have all these things settled out, that is the only time that you can start drawing.

Draw Your Panel

The panel refers to the number of boxes you are going to have in one strip. You can have three or four boxes for short strips that usually showcase only one scene or you can have hundreds that cover many pages that usually showcase a whole storyline.

You can start out with short ones, just like the ones you see on your newspaper’s comic page. Have a plot for the scenes along with the dialogues you have in mind. Start plotting how you are going to fit your characters in the boxes, and then draw them. Put dialogue bubbles or boxes and write down their lines or thoughts.

Once you are content with your drawing, put it into ink and erase sketch marks. Add some color if you want to, and you’re done!

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