Thursday, November 12, 2015

How to Start Learning Magic Tricks (part 2 of 2)
Whenever you practice doing some tricks, be sure to have a friend or a family member watch how you do it. Their feedback is very important so you will know if what you are doing is right. It also wouldn’t hurt to record yourself with a video camera then play it back later.

You are the only one who can tell if you are ready to put on a magic show or not. If you think it is time, sign up and be one of the many who will be part of the amateur magic show. Remember that you only have a limited time on stage so choose the best magic trick you know and give it your all.

Be sure to keep eye contact with the audience because you are expected to entertain them. If ever you make a mistake, just apologize and move on.

Once you finish your act, decide if you want to continue performing magic tricks or move on. Some people are already content with doing something just once while others are motivated to learn other magic tricks and pursue this as a long term career. You can even teach people how to do this so you are able to impart some knowledge to those who are also fascinated.

Will learning magic tricks easy? No but you can improve your skill each time you try. Sometimes you learn more by making a few mistakes on the way so that when you are up on stage, this mistake does not happen and you are able to get the recognition from the audience.

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