Thursday, October 29, 2015

Quick Tidbits about Johnny Cash Acting Career and Music Legacy (part 1 of 2)

To know about Johnny Cash acting career, first you have to ask well, who is Johnny Cash? He was first and foremost known as a singer. He was a Grammy Award-winning musician and songwriter who was hailed as one of the most influential in his field of the 20th century.

Hello, I'm Johnny Cash
This line was how he used to start his acts whenever he was performing onstage. He was born J. R. Cash to parents Ray and Carrie in Kingsland, Arkansas. It was said that the name was formed because his parents couldn't agree what his name should be. It became a dilemma when he entered the United States Air Force because it wouldn't accept the initials J.R. as his real first name. That was when he used John R. Cash to be his legal name.

Most of his songs were inspired by the life his family led when he was growing up. He has six siblings. Tommy Cash, a younger brother, also made it as a country artist. J.R. started working in the cotton fields by the age of five. This was where he got the inspiration for the song 'Five Feet High and Rising'.

He also had dealt with depression in 1944 when his older brother Jack met a tragic accident at a whirling table on the mill where he was working. Jack suffered for a week before he finally succumbed to death. J.R. felt guilt over the incident. He cited that the family had premonitions that something bad was going to happen that fateful day. But his brother ignored it because the family needed money. J.R. said that he had always been looking forward to the day that he'd meet his brother in heaven and that he had seen him a lot of times in his dreams.

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